Website Information

1. A good website provides a value that draws your audience to your site and Keeps Them Returning.

This is the key to a good website. Even when building a website for your personal use, you will want to have the people who see it to return to it after seeing and reading it the first time. Ask yourself questions about why you yourself would stay and then return at another time.

Do some research and look at other sites that have
compelling content that you find informative. What do they have that others don’t have? If you are interested in fishing, look at other fishing sites; look at sites that have research on fish; look at places to go fishing; look at how to cook fish or how to catch and return methods. You could give advice, write reviews, or just pose questions that would elicit answers about any or all of the above through a blog. You might also use Social Media such as Twitter or Face Book in conjunction with your website in order to bring a more rounded presentation of your products to your clients and customers.      

2. A good website will Meet Your Goals.

What are your goals for your website? What do you want to achieve? Maybe you want to have a site about fishing. Maybe you want to attract other fisherman and discuss techniques and ‘the one that got away.’ Identifying these goals at the beginning will help you design a site with substance.    

3. A good website has Easy Navigation.

Ever been to a website that seemed to have lots of glitter but no substance? Even large corporation websites can fall victim to over-doing the flash and not give the client what they are looking for –information. Along with the information a good website must make it easy to find.
The website should make it easy to navigate from one page to another, from one topic to another. Every page should have links back to the previous pages – dead-ends are not good for communities or websites, build in a cul-de-sac to get the user back to another cross street.

Planning the architecture (structure of the site) before starting is a must. Just lay the pages out that you feel will be needed for your site and then create the links to go from one page to another and back again. If the pages are taped to a wall with the Home page to the left and the sub-pages placed to the right, then you will visually be able to see how the pages progress and link together.  

4. A Good Website is Visually Attractive

Make the site clean and simple. Lots of flash and glitter with animations, moving text, and music is not what a good website is all about. Images, color, and design will achieve the goals that you have set out. You do not want a flashing neon “Eat Here” website.

If people are attracted by the neon, (neon – scrolling text, music and animations that have no purpose) will they really stick around if there is no information? Will they come back just to see the glitter on the site again if there is no information? If you answer no then a visually attractive, functional, and informative site is what you are looking for. When potential clients drop by your site and only find a little flash, will they return? Your site will initially receive some hits and then the hits will taper off when more and more of the people you are attracting are not finding what they want. 
Make the feel of your site clean and simple through images and design. 

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