Knowing what you need

At Ibis NW, part of our service is helping you through the process of analyzing your online needs. Unlike out-of-the-box sites, we will help you evaluate how your site will serve the needs of your clients and attract them to your site. Some questions we will help you answer up front are:
Do you want to sell online?
Do you need to capture names and addresses?
Will you be changing the site frequently? (We hope to convince you of this.)
Do you anticipate growth in your business? (Another hopeful idea.)
How will you know your site is working?

The question most clients ask is "What makes a good website?" Good question!
There are some basic elements that create good website design. Here are a few of the most important ones.

Compelling Content

If you surf the Web or shop online, you will recognize that some sites hold your attention while others do not. Most people do not read Web pages but scan them looking for relevant content. Content is the heart and soul of a good Web site. The right content draws potential visitors and then keeps them there. What is good content? It focuses on what visitors are seeking, not on what you are selling. Original compelling content is king online.

Ease of Navigation

Visitors to your site should find it easy to use. Links should be clear and rational. You want your site to load in a short amount of time and buttons to be obvious. If not, most visitors will simply click to another site.


Good Web sites are composed of content that keeps your reader engaged but they also allow your visitors to interact with the site. Self-generating content, through posts and links, is also a big plus.

Clear Goals

What do you want to achieve with your Web site? Do you want to attract customers or clients? Do you want to showcase a talent? Or provide information to your stakeholders? How about connect with new resources? Good planning is important to realizing your goals and Ibis NW will help you plan productively.

Visual Attractiveness

This is listed last because even though it is important, if the previous criteria are not met, it won’t matter. Designers love flashy, eye-popping designs for a reason. (It gives them a chance to be creative, and under the right circumstances, it works.) But if flash and glitter is all you have, visitors will not stay long. And there is such a thing as too flashy. You don’t want the flash to steer your visitors away from the content or make your Web site difficult to navigate.

Why Come to Ibis NW

Ibis NW is a full-service Web site developer. Let us help you analyze your needs and develop a site that satisfies your goals!