Let’s say that you want to create a home page for yourself and your interest is fishing. You want to attract people who are also interested in fishing and things about fishing. What will pique their interest and keep them coming back to your site?

What would you be looking for if you put yourself in the place of your audience? What will give them a reason to stay and then return at a later date? The Internet is now used in the same manner that libraries were and are used. People visit sites to learn information. So, you could create a series of pages that contain photos of fish, fishing areas, poles, bait, fun times that were had, tips of how to, or how not to, catch fish. You could have links to other sites and if so inclined you could write reviews on fishing equipment. All of these points change over time and there will always be new content on your site for your audience to return to view.

Create a Consistent Visual Theme

Continuing with the fishing website, what kind of theme do you want to visually convey to your audience? This visual theme will create the mood of your website and combined with consistent colors together create an impression in your audience’s mind.

Your audience is meeting you for the first time on the web. Remember about first impressions, you only get one. Just as if you were inviting the person into your place of business or home, choose colors and combinations that are easy on the eyes, have high contrast and are not psychedelic. There are a large quantity of browser safe colors (colors that display correctly on nearly every monitor) and t is best that the solid colors of your site come from this palette.

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