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In my last article discussing Arnold, I wanted to discuss the difference between giving away information and selling expert advice. In the first example the value of the informant drops to zero once I know where the gym is located.

 In the second example, I am wondering if I can survive without the guide's help. The situation is scary, complicated and unpredictable. Even with useful information – "stay low, run like this, talk like this," I still feel I need my guide.

In the first instance, I was given information. In the second, I was "sold" expertise and given situation specific guidance through the "scary" situations.

If you market your expertise, you can give away information without worrying that the client is going to take it and run. You are not selling the "information." You are selling what to do with it, how to handle it, and negotiate it. You shouldn’t be stuck in a circular situation where the client is trying to get information and you are worrying about how much to give.

For example you don't sell, "How to set up a Facebook profile." Instead, you sell, "How to know which of the social media are relevant and how to use them properly."

What about the difference between, "How to conduct a home search," and "What research do I need before making a decision about a new home in this market?"

Or, "Where's the school gym?" and, "How do I make my way through this real estate jungle?"

When you become the expert and you "advise," your struggle about giving away information goes away. Once people see and understand the dangers and how intricate the transaction, the more they come to believe you are the guide to have.

Advice is golden; information can be seen as just a commodity. If you become know for "Come with me if you want to live," the less you’ll struggle and the happier your clients will be in the end.

Posted by David Shumway at 11/12/2011 12:01:00 AM
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