Being More Arnold
When I mention Arnold, you only think of one Arnold, right? You are not thinking of the Arnold the Car guy, or the Arnold advertising and public relations agency, correct?
Let’s be more Arnold. Why? Let’s look at two scenarios.
#1 Let’s say we are on a trip and we need some information about where our son’s ball game is going to be played. You are using your GPS, but can’t quite find the exact location of the competition. You see a guy sitting in his swing on his porch and as you roll down the window and ask directions, he tells you it is “jist around the corner with a quick left ‘n right, where the old school house used to be.”
#2 You are on vacation in the jungle and you become lost. Nothing around, but slithery things, and other things you don’t want to touch. You hear a large something coming through the growth and you can see it has a man shape and as you vision clears, he looks a lot like Arnold, Schwarzenegger, the Terminator, not the guy in Twins. He says, “Come with me if you want to live.” So, I ask you, are these two men offering the same service?
You’re lost right? You need to find your way, right? Have you ever thought, "When I meet with prospective clients, I often feel like I'm giving away too much information. How can I prove I have 'the answers' without actually giving them away for free before I'm hired?"

We all think this, right? Maybe we ought to think about “Being more Arnold."
More thoughts about this next time.
Posted by David Shumway at 11/7/2011 11:59:00 PM
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