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An integral part of all websites is the Call to Action. Those little action-urging buttons and phrases have gone from the basic to the sophistically designed engagement buttons; from 'click here' and 'contact us' to 'watch this demo' and 'free trial signup.'

 The big change has been in how the different types of collateral all carry some adaption of the call to action. Calls to action in emails, videos, online brochures, are all part of the lead-generation procedures that we follow today.

What has worked in the past, no longer works. Many of what we called calls to action are not impressive anymore. Maybe this is the increased competitiveness of the market, or maybe because the market has become more innovative. The goal is still the same: companies want to keep visitors for longer periods of time and keep them returning to the site.

The focus today is to gradually win the trust of the visitor by providing value in some form. Let's face it, leaving email on a website without receiving something of value in return is a non-starter. What will make the visitor act? Same thing with the 'contact us' button; today we have social media, phone, chat, and email. There are various ways of 'contacting us' today. Your website has the possibility of having all kinds of action-calls depending on your content.

On your website, you want you calls to action to lead to a long term relationship with your visitors. Are you giving a seminar about mortgage rates? What about a webinar? Then make sure there is a signup on your site. Request a Quote? Watch this demo? video? Do you have a newsletter? How about a free trial signup?

Today our buyers have evolved and become more independent. They are solution seekers and they want to be educated and learn to make informed choices, not marketed or sold to.


Posted by David Shumway at 10/31/2011 11:21:00 PM
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