Ibis NW Appearing at Idaho AHMA Conference

It's only been a few months since our last trade show appearance, but today we're back on the beat, attending the Idaho Affordable Housing Management Association (AHMA) conference at Boise's Grove Hotel. As with our previous appearance at January's ISSA/IETA conference, we're here to promote a new offering, and this time it's OneNet's Listings Property Management Interface (PMI).

Listings PMI is, in essence, a modified version of the Listings module from OneNet's existing HomeSell suite. However, unlike its real estate cousin, Listings PMI displays a list of available rentals as opposed to homes for sale. Using its user-friendly interface, property managers can easily add new properties to their sites, make updates as needed, and even incorporate several dynamic features like Google Maps and Google Street View into each property’s details page.

To be frank, we think property management has long been an underserved market when it comes to Web solutions, so a product like Listings PMI is long overdue. We're looking forward to promoting it at today's conference and will soon be posting additional information on Listings PMI on our services page as well.

Posted by David Shumway at 5/18/2009 4:07:00 PM
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